Central Depository& Registry

The registration of securities and the right pertinent to them are being registered electronically in a book-entry form, in order to ensure reliable and efficient performance of the stock exchange transaction. Any changes due to transactions in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) will be recorded in the system a day after the transaction.

Depositing process starts off with the process of registering the securities issued by listed companies in the central depository system.

To speed up the process of trading and augment the liquidity of the market, CSDI deposits listed companies' shares in the system to make them capable of being traded at Stock Exchange a day after the depositing. At the time, new companies joining the stock exchange shall deposit all their shares after being listed in the Stock Exchange. Eventually with depository and registry system, a complete and unified database including data of all owners of securities and the amount of their shares is established in CSDI; such database is managed in accordance to the international recommendations.