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Consistent vision. Indefatigable effort. Sustainable growth. These are the attributes that win acclaim for Central Securities Depository of Iran and enable us to produce consistently strong financial results and shareholder returns. 2017 marked our 13th year as a publicly-listed company.

Consistency and steady growth have been a hallmark for CSDI through a decade of our history and we believe the personalized service we deliver to clients each day contributes directly to the steady financial performance that our company has achieved.

Globally the year of 2017 focused on efforts to restore the stability of international financial markets and has been troubled by a range of financial difficulties, resulting effects could be felt in Iran, too. We are pleased that despite all these the annual figures of Central Securities Depository of Iran, both in terms of financials and services provided, are favorable.

As a result of new services, market changes and more frequent and successful participation at international conferences, 2017 ended much better than it started for CSDI.

With the decisions we have made in 2017, I believe that we have created a solid platform for sustainable, long-term growth for CSDI.

Our performance in 2017 extended our positive momentum. CSDI continued its strategic modernization programs and kept designing and implementing new and developing services already on the run particularly in IT and clearing and settlement fields to facilitate CSDI compliance with international standards. The efforts included risk management mechanisms upgrade, introducing novel mechanisms to optimize the current proceedings particularly the operational risks, adopting t+2 settlement cycle for securities transactions, considering credit limit for brokers nationwide which literally refers to the maximum amount of liabilities that each broker is allowed to endure and is calculated based on each broker's ability to settle their securities-based transactions.

In 2018, our focus will be on implementing the strategies we have developed and started executing on in 2017.

My vision is that, during my tenure as CEO, CSDI will solidify its position as Iran’s sole central depository, mail custodian and clearing house of the whole capital market.

In closing, I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to the shareholders of CSDI, our members, issuers in Iran and further players in the capital market and all the employees of CSDI for their contribution to our results in 2017 and for being instrumental in making sure that Central Securities Depository of Iran was able to provide high level services and concentrate on professional duties.

Hossein Fahimi

CEO & Board Member

Central Securities Depository of Iran