Investor Information Gathering System (IGS)

Information Gathering System (IGS) has been designed and developed for four purposes:

  1. To gather identification information of real entities for the purpose of correcting the potential inaccurate information in the post-trade system.
  2. Once the new post-trade system is launched, the stockholders whose identification information does not conform to the information existing in the post-trade system or those who hold more than one trade code may not be able to trade unless the inaccuracies are corrected. Such stockholders should, therefore, remove the discrepancies by personal reference to CSDI or through Investor Information Gathering System (IGS) available on CSDI's website. The investor's information, including first name, last name, father's name, place of issue of identity certificate, date of birth, ID number, serial number and national ID number, will be electronically verified by Iran’s Registry Office.

  3. To gather the identification of legal entities (company's full name, category, registration number and place) for the purpose of obtaining verification from the companies and industrial property registry.
  4. To gather information concerning the stockholders’ bank accounts for the purpose of remittance of dividends belonging to the listed securities and for other financial procedures in a centralized manner by CSDI. Once such services are made available and operational, the stockholders may provide the information concerning their bank accounts by visiting CSDI's website ( Such information will be electronically verified by the relevant bank. For this purpose, stockholders should have an electronic account of any nature at any bank.
  5. To gather information concerning the mailing address of the stockholders, including address, ten-digit postal code, email address and phone number, for correspondence purposes.
  6. The information presented to IGS must be accurate and in full conformity with the stockholders’ identification documents. In presence of the least discrepancy, they will not be verified by the banks and Iran’s Registry Office. For instance, any suffix and/or prefix in the first name and last name, whether or not the last names consisting of more than one word written as one word, the exact place of issue of the identity certificate etc., must be indicated accordingly.