Central Securities Depository Of IRAN



Delegation of Iraq Securities Commission visit CSDI to share current issues in capital markets, enhance understanding of CSD-related services.

A high-ranking delegation from the Iraqi Securities Commission wrapped up a trip to Iran and returned to Baghdad, with ISC Chairman, Alaa Abdul-Hussein Al-Saedi touting the trip’s successful dialogs and meetings with Central Securities Depository of Iran and several entities in the Iranian capital market.

Throughout the trip, the delegation paid a visit to the headquarters of Central Securities Depository of Iran in Tehran.

On Wednesday, July 31, 2019, a meeting was held upon the visit by representatives of the Iraq Securities Commission to enhance the bilateral relationship between CSDI and ISC through cooperation initiatives on a wide range of issues.

CSDI Chief, Hossein Fahimi welcomed the ISC Chairman and his accompanying delegation. "Despite all the pressures of the last few years, the relationship between our nations has not been affected," Fahimi said in his address, noting "While we cherish our history together, we will also look to the future and seek to further joint efforts and raise the level of cooperation between our institutions."

In his remarks, Fahimi also briefed the audience on the progress of reforms and achievements undertaken by CSDI and set out the goals the party wishes to accomplish.

Later on, the Chairman of the Iraqi Securities Commission expressed gratitude to the warm welcome he and his team received at CSDI and echoed Fahimi's comments and willingness in enhancing the all-out ties between the two organizations.

A brief history of CSDI, its major responsibilities, core functions, latest achievements, and domestically developed systems in IT-related fields were presented to the audience.

In the closing, top officials of CSDI and the Iraqi Securities Commission vowed to form a joint task force and hold on-site workshops in Baghdad and Tehran so that the experts can learn and exchange expertise, and above all the mutually agreed upon projects are taken forward more in earnest by the two sides through the joint task force.

Release Date: 2019-07-31