Central Securities Depository Of IRAN



CSDI implements structural changes in the composition of some of its departments to boost performance.

Central Securities Depository of Iran have modified the organizational structure of a few departments that operate under the supervision of the office of the Chief Operating Officer.

CSDI decided to make these internal restructure, to improve the overall running of its affairs and meet the Depository's business and financial goals.

We defined two new departments to perform risk-free, fast and effective the clearing and settlement functions of transactions concluded by the market players on the stock exchange.

Hadi Alipour continues to serve in his position as a director, however the new area of his responsibility focuses on the practices supporting the equity market. The Equity Market Settlement director is available by direct number +982142365305 or via email h.alipoor@csdiran.com.

Meanwhile, Mostafa Ghasempour has been appointed as the director of a newly created "Commodity Market Settlement" department. This new department takes on settlement practices of trades taking place both on Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) and Iran Energy Exchange (IRENEX).  The director of this department is reachable by direct number +982142365307 or via email m.ghasempour@csdiran.com.

In another event, a new department has been created at CSDI specifically missioned to handle payment of dividends to the investors. The "Dividend Distribution Department" will operate under the management of Mohsen Abdi and under the direct supervision of the CSDI's Chief Operating Officer. Mohsen Abdi will be available via direct number +982142365335 or via email m.abdi@csdiran.com.

CSDI made the changes to further promote performance of the clearing house.

Release Date: 2019-05-24