Central Securities Depository Of IRAN



CSDI holds its Annual Ordinary General meeting at CSDI headquarters.

Central Securities Depository of Iran holds its Annual Ordinary General meeting on Sunday 7 June, 2020 at the CSDI headquarters.

The meeting convened with the CSDI shareholders, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer as well as supervisors and other relevant figures and representatives in attendance.

During the meeting several issues in regards to the developments having taken place at CSDI over the past year were carefully reviewed and studied. The session also saw the participants hearing a concise report on the relevant activities and then there was a Q&A session to further clarify any ambiguities.

CSDI Chief Executive Officer and Board Member, Hossein Fahimi, presided over the meeting during which the shareholders consolidated and approved the financial statements for the year that ended March 21, 2020.

In an address to the gathering, CSDI CEO, Hossein Fahimi, delivered a comprehensive report on the most significant activities of the company in the past year.

He described strengthening network security hardware infrastructure, development of the integrated platform for capital market stakeholders (DDN), development of post-trade systems and platforms, strengthening CSDI's domestically made e-KYC Comprehensive Information Gathering System (CIGS) infrastructure and launching an online service desk as among CSDI's accomplishments over the past year.

Fahimi meanwhile enumerated development of CSDI's online payment platform (SEPAS), dividend distribution systems, post-trade services systems, installment of NetFlow system, electronic annual general meeting system, optimizing open market settlement operations and upgrading information security as among major projects CSDI has set to accomplish.

The CSDI General meeting was broadcasted live for those shareholders and participants who could not be present at the meeting.

The annual general of CSDI shareholders is held at the end of the Persian fiscal year every year.

Release Date: 2020-06-07