Central Securities Depository Of IRAN



CSDI starts to build a collection of books to intellectually stimulate employees through the books they most like and share.

It is essential for a business to put employee development and retention at the core of what it does.

One key is creating an environment where people do not just stick around because they have clear career paths but showing anyone in the business that there’s a route for them to grow into the person and professional they want to be.

At CSDI, we believe that company culture needs to be open, supportive, vibrant and intellectually stimulating. Part of this culture is to listen to employee ideas; a quiet space in the office where people could go to refresh or relax in a calm environment to have some peace and quiet.

And so, we started to build a collection of books and the idea of having a proper company library was born.

Given the purpose of our library, it was important we created the right ambience. Using a couple of bookshelves to partition off a corner of the office wasn’t going to cut it. So we are trying to find the perfect space, away from hustle and bustle. With lots of natural light flooding in, adding soft furnishings, and decorate the room in calming colors. All of this would help create the relaxing and peaceful environment that we are all after.

Different books suit different styles, so we don’t have a standard reading list. The books are mostly donated by the staff themselves. We don’t monitor or question this. Trusting employees to do the right thing helps foster the culture we are looking for.

Release Date: 2019-10-14