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CSDI employees team up and take part in the company’s unique fundraising activity, ‘The Merciful CSDI’, to make a positive difference to the lives of others.

When it’s time to organize a fundraiser, a source of helping hands are employees of Central Securities Depository of Iran (CSDI).

CSDI employees have teamed up and taken part in the company’s unique fundraising activity, ‘The Merciful CSDI’, to make a positive difference to the lives of others.

Everyone across the Depository, from the top management to various department throughout the company, has joined the challenge to make fundraising pledges.

They have even partnered with other registered charities in the areas of humanitarian work and selected the charity that their donations would benefit, based on the community preferences.

The workplace campaign used to be a valued tradition among CSDI staff and is now evolving furthermore. This campaign was initiated by the growing volunteer charity spirit and to increase the value of giving and caring through fundraising among the CSDI employees.

This time, the creators of the group decided to try a new model which is emerging throughout the society. The CSDI trustees and staff created the charity group in a popular IM applications to revitalize the employee workplace giving campaign.

In the group, the participants all share their perspectives about current issues and the next project and develop recommendations on how to engage.

CSDI employees and managers track and check in the group as a charity moves and ask how they can help.

The participants usually deposit money into a colleague's account as the representative.

The campaign looks vastly different from what was previously conducted here. Employees have a greater role in designing and managing the campaign, and technology will play a key role in administering the campaign.

The dedicated 'The Merciful CSDI' team even exceeded its target by raising money.

Just as few examples, CSDI employees have so far provided safe and convenient temporary shelter for the families accompanying their patients who are admitted into public hospitals and cannot afford residence in the capital Tehran.

We believe companies that choose a new direction and implement joint recommendations will be more likely to involve their employees in an activity that workers will find engaging, informative, productive and fun. The services made possible by employee generosity will result in vital and healthy communities, and employees will garner satisfaction from helping others.


Release Date: 2019-10-14