The CSDI International Relations department chairs a business meeting with representatives of a number of investment corps, fund managers and institutional investors at its headquarters in Tehran.

The development of capital markets is critical to promoting economic growth and financial stability. Considerably, large sum of investment is needed for developing countries to achieve their development goals. Iran has recently taken significant steps to further open up its financial markets and financial sector to foreign investment.


Notably, Central Securities Depository of Iran – as the only infrastructure provider, gateway and platform provider for the international investors - plays a key role in the provision of long-term financing for strategic sectors of the economy.


To that end, the CSDI regularly hosts representatives of foreign corporations willing to invest in Iran Capital Market. On September 13, the International Relations department chaired a business meeting with representatives of a number of investment corps, fund managers and institutional investors at the CSDI headquarters in Tehran. The meeting was attended by representatives from some 8 business associations from Europe and Latin American countries.


Director of the International Relations Department, Dr. Mohammad Sajjad Siahkarzadeh, briefed the attendees on the latest international projects currently underway with foreign entities and institutions. He also illustrated the role the CSDI plays in this sphere and its plans to have the funds registered.


The securities clearing and settlement systems in Iran, preferred partnership models were among the issues having been targeted during the session.


Later on, the International Relations director informed the attendees that the Iranian Capital Market is successfully preparing for implementation of development projects and that the CSDI – as the CSDI as the sole registrar, central custodian and clearing house for the Iranian financial market - is open to all initiatives.


Following an in-depth Q&A discussion, the representatives hailed the current business atmosphere in the country and working with Central Securities Depository of Iran not only as a means but also to connect business and financial community through strong platform and business arrangements.

Release Date: 10/9/2017

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