CSDI’s Delegates’ Active Participation in ACG 17th Cross-Training Seminar

CSDI’s Delegates’ Active Participation in ACG (Asia-Pacific Central Securities Depository Group) 17th Cross-Training Seminar

The Asia-Pacific Central Securities Depository Group (ACG) was formed in November 1997 as an informal international organization with the objective to facilitate the exchange of information and to promote mutual assistance among member securities depositories and clearing organizations in the Asia Pacific region. ACG has 33 members from 23 countries with five task forces including Exchange of Information Task Force, New Business Initiative Task Force, Technical Task Force, Legal Task Force, and Risk and Recovery Management Task Force. Central Securities Depository of Iran (CSDI) got affiliated into ACG in 2012. ACG General Meeting and Cross-Training Seminar are in fact the two significant events held annually by the ACG members.

ACG General Meeting

In this meeting the members usually come to each other and discuss their latest and future activities. The major decisions of ACG including new membership request and hosting the events and so on are made by the attendees in this meeting.

ACG Cross-Training Seminar

This seminar is organized and managed by the company hosting it and also ACG task forces. The seminar has been regularly held since 1999 and the first host was Taiwan. The main objective of this seminar is to exchange and share information and ideas among the members.  The 16th ACG Cross-Training Seminar was held and hosted in Tehran in 2014 by CSDI.


Vision and Mission of ACG

1.     To facilitate exchange of information and promote mutual assistance among members of the Group (hereinafter referred to as "Members") with a view to developing the securities markets in the Asia-Pacific Region. The functioning of the Group, however, is not binding on the activity of any Member.

2.     To encourage the local markets to adopt best practices, with due consideration for the specific situation of each market.

3.     To promote efficiency and cost effectiveness in the clearing, settlement and depository services, provided in the region's securities markets.

4.     To establish committees, whether permanent or temporary, to co-ordinate tasks and carry out activities of the Group in accordance with its purpose to promote clearing, settlement and securities depository services.

5.     To develop channels for dialogue with other international organizations.


17TH ACG Cross-Training Seminar

Central Depository System of Sri Lanka (CDS) hosted the 17th ACG Cross-Training Seminar. The seminar was held from May 11th to 14th in Colombo. There were roughly 105 attendees from 20 countries in this seminar apart from the non-ACG members including HSBC, JP Morgan, Standard Chartered, Deutche Bank, SWIFT, and some representatives from Kenya. The core part of the seminar was the presentations given by the delegates of the different companies attending the seminar.

CSDI by having four presenters in the seminar got the first rank in terms of the number of presenters among the participants. Mr. Mohammad Sajjad Siahkarzadeh, CSDI Planning and Development Director, Mr. Farhad Morsali, CSDI International Relations Director, Ms. Farzaneh Yari, CSDI Legal Affairs Assistant Director, Mr. Payam Ouskoie, CSDI Issuers’ Affairs Expert, and Ms. Behnaz Hosseini, CSDI Stockholders’ Operation Expert deputized for CSDI in this seminar. The presentations of CSDI delegates included “How CSDI Manages Emerging Risks”, “An Overview of Funds in Iran”, “Legal Infrastructure of Iran Capital Market”, and “Corporate Benefit Distribution”.

The participants of the seminar took part in a session named Breakout Session where they delved into the topics determined in advance. In this session, Mr. Farhad Morsali and Mr. Payam Ouskoie were the leaders of two of the groups.

Mr. Farhad Morsali also briefed the attendees on the main features of Iran Post-Trade System (IRPT) at the outset of the seminar.

The President of the Stock Exchange of Colombo told the attendees that CDS had been idolizing and acclaiming CSDI for their successful hosting of the 16th ACG Cross-Training Seminar.

Release Date: 5/19/2015

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