Iran’s incumbent President Hassan Rouhani says the economic reforms planned for his second term in office (2017-2022) would target ‘sustainable development and anti-poverty employment.’

Speaking during a press conference in Tehran following his reelection, Rouhani added that he was positive with more cooperation with the outside world, better conditions can be established for the people.

Earlier, during the presidential campaign, Hassan Rouhani published his plan of action to be implemented in case of a reelection. Rouhani’s plan of action for the 12th administration discusses economy and employment, politics, culture, technology, environmental issues, healthcare, foreign policy and defense among others.

In the economy section, the plan of action introduces a package, hailed as a vantage point for comprehensive economic reforms. The plan emphasizes on fiscal rule as a tool to regulate annual budgets and manage oil revenues appropriately.

The plan also vows to ban government borrowing from banks, as one of the major pillars of ‘resistance economy,’ the economic model promoted by the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, in order to make the economy endogenous.

According to the published pamphlet, the administration plans to get the private sector more involved in management activities; making foreign investment more appealing and less risky.

The master plan promises to stabilize the administration’s achievement in controlling the inflation rate through banking reforms. There is also a step-by-step targeted program to eliminate poverty and to enhance people’s livelihood by the end of the administration’s second term.

Interaction with global and regional economy is on the agenda for the country, too. In regards with Iran’s status in today’s world, the administration is written to have threats, issues and problems lying ahead of the country top on its agenda, including regional tensions, Iran’s image in public opinion, disconnection from world trade network, terrorism and insecurity surrounding the country.

Rouhani won the first round of the election, polling almost 57 percent of the vote and winning another four-year term as president.

Release Date: 6/10/2017

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