CSDI community come together in a ceremony to celebrate the Persian New Year, also known as Nowruz.

CSDI CEO, MohammadReza Mohseni, senior managers and the employees at Central Securities Depository of Iran come together in a cordial ceremony at CSDI headquarters to celebrate the beginning of the Persian New Year, also known as Nowruz.


The ceremony took place in the first office days of the year following the national holidays. It aimed to provide a chance for CSDI management and staff to greet and congratulate each other on the occasion in a friendly atmosphere.


It all began with a few versus of the holy Quran and the national anthem. Later on, the public relations department invited a renowned professional lecturer who spoke about the advantages of embracing “change” in general as a positive force in life that encourages one to keep evolving.


Among other programs staged during the event was a live traditional music performance which was the climax of the ceremony.


Then the CEO Dr. MohammadReza Mohseni delivered his New Year's speech to employees. He expressed hope that the year ahead will bring with it all the success and achievements both in the personal and professional aspects of CSDI community’s lives.


At the close of the speech, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hossein Fahimi, granted a painting art piece with signatures of all the CSDI people on it to the CEO as a token of appreciation and an expression of solidarity with his ideals.


At the close of the ceremony, all converged in the open air premises of the headquarters for a group photo to mark the beginning of the New Year.

Release Date: 4/17/2017

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