CSDI President and CEO, Dr. MohammadReza Mohseni, visited INTERBOLSA, a subsidiary of Euronext Lisbon.

CSDI President and CEO, Dr. MohammadReza Mohseni, visited INTERBOLSA, a subsidiary of Euronext Lisbon, to get a closer look at operations underway in Portugal’s securities markets and study avenues for further mutual cooperation.

Chief Executive Office at Central Securities Depository of Iran (CSDI,) Dr. MohammadReza Mohseni, has paid an official visit to INTERBOLSA which is the Portuguese Central Securities Depository and a subsidiary of Euronext Lisbon.

During the visit, the CEO had several meetings with managing board members as well as other senior officials at the institution where the two sides explored areas of mutual cooperation and shared opinions regarding the trading status of INTERBOLSA and ways to further develop it.

At INTERBOLSA, the CSDI president got a first hand account about investors’ protection and capital markets in Lisbon as a variety of professionals made presentations on their market operations with a focus on security.

For his part, the CSDI Chief elaborated on his company’s role to provide post-trade functions such as registration, custody, depository, and clearing and settlement of securities.

The two sides, meanwhile, emphasized on mutual cooperation to tap into their potential to further improve collaboration between the two institutions and share their expertise.

During the talks, the CSDI Chief hailed Euronext’s Lisbon operations and INTERBOLSA as well for successfully joining the initiative to be part of the integrated settlement process in central bank funds across all European securities markets – also known as Target2-Securities or T2S.

Thus, INTERBOLSA is part of a wider group of companies - Euronext Group - the first pan-European exchange, spanning Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and the UK. 

Release Date: 2/6/2017

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