The Iranian capital market delegation in the Opening Ceremony of Athex Group

The Iranian capital market delegation in the Opening Bell Ceremony of Athens Exchange Group

On Friday, 9th September, 2016, the Iranian delegation from the Securities and Exchange Organization and the Central Securities Depository of Iran attended the Opening Bell Ceremony of the Athens Stock Exchange. In this Ceremony, Dr. Bahador Bijani, Vice chairman of Securities and Exchange Organization and Dr. Mohammadreza Mohseni, CEO of the Central Securities Depository of Iran announced the opening of the Athens Stock Exchange Market. The visit is the first joint action for implementation of the MoU between AthexCSD and CSDI.

The AthexCSD and CSD of Iran signed a Memorandum of Understanding in July 2016 to more formalize the joint co-operations on mutual growth and the assistance of other markets participant to outperform in their place. The connection of the two markets by means of access to one another markets for the trade of special products like ETFs and Country Funds and use of modern configurations and presence of different players for the easy connection of the two markets were among the aims of this visit.

At today's event, the CEO of the Athens Stock Exchange Group, Mr. Socrates Lazaridis, said: "We are delighted for the opportunity to host the high level executive's delegation from Iranian Capital Market that rang the Bell for today's Opening of trading session of the Athens Stock Exchange. But mostly we are satisfied because our long term relationship is enabling us to explore and implement win-win business cooperation. Furthermore, this is giving the opportunity to our market participants to evaluate the prospects for business development and partnerships. We will continue our efforts to develop an efficient in terms of cost and effective, in terms of investor friendliness environment that will allow the two markets to be attractive, liquid and globalized and all these to be implemented in a reasonable period of time."  

Dr. Bahador Bijani, Vice Chairman of Securities & Exchange Organization, on the occasion of today's event, said: "Our relationship with the Greek capital market dates back to many years ago which culminated in an MOU between our two capital market regulators. We believe Greek capital market is well-established and well-structured with a promising future. Our two markets have much common ground and can facilitate the activities of the countries' investors in their host countries' capital markets. "

Dr. Mohammadreza Mohseni, CEO of Central Securities Depository of Iran, said: "This is a start to form a lasting relation between the two parties and our respective capital markets or even wider to the regional markets. I believe that this event is going to be the trigger for future plans and more cooperation. What we expect from it, is to find a basis to underpin our next steps in connecting the intended markets. "

After the Opening Bell ceremony, the Iranian delegation presented the Capital Market of Iran to Athens Stock Exchange participants.

Central Securities Depository of Iran is the sole Clearing, Settlement, Depository and Registry agent in the Iranian capital market and as the infrastructure for the markets, it is the gateway for connection to other foreign markets and responsible for facilitating of foreign investors presence in the Iranian Capital Markets. CSD of Iran performs all its activities under the regulation and supervision by the Securities and Exchange Organization, the sole regulatory and supervisory body of the Iranian capital markets.

Athens Exchange Group (ATHEX Group), is a group of companies that provide support to the Greek Capital Market. ATHEX Group and its subsidiaries operate the organized Equities and Derivatives markets, perform clearing and settlement of trades, supply integrated software solutions and services to the Greek capital market community and promote the investment culture in Greece. ATHEX Group is a listed company in local market (symbol: HELEX). The Exchange, through its markets, offers solutions and financing tools to businesses, expands investor choice by providing a safe, stable and easy environment in full harmony with international practices and the European regulatory framework.

Release Date: 9/11/2016

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