In the Business Year Interview Iran Economy of Development has been Explained

In the Business Year Interview Iran Economy of Development has been Explained by Dr. Mohseni the CEO of CSDI

The CEO of the Central Securities Depository of Iran, in an interview with The Business Year magazine, explained the current state of the capital markets and its readiness for admitting more foreign investors. Dr. Mohseni in response to the questions by the interviewers emphasized the potential in the economy of Iran in different sectors for foreign investment and the infrastructure needed in the capital markets.

“Although the legal, technical and technological infrastructure of Iran capital market is sound and reliable for foreign investors to attract their attention for investment, we do our best to meet the international standard requirements”. Pointing to the regulatory role of the Securities and Exchange Organization he added “the capital markets of Iran are so transparent that foreign investors can trust to fly their capital in to invest in either of the exchanges active in this markets: Stock, Energy and Commodities. The markets are so diversified in terms of the industries and securities types that investors can form a managed portfolio of financial products. Sukuk as the real economy Islamic financial instrument can play a key role in this process and CSDI as a significant pillar in providing necessary infrastructures in Iran capital market hopes to accelerate this flow.”CSDI as the Financial Markets Infrastructure provider has adopted many international standards and joined many international groups to facilitate the platform necessary for collaboration with different markets. They include the membership of the ACG CSD Group, FEAS, OIC, IEU and ASFS and several MoUs with the foreign counterparts of CSDI. For more information on CSDI`s international cooperation please refer to the profile part of the website.

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Release Date: 8/9/2016

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