European Senior Experts in CSDI Headquarters

European senior experts in CSDI- Dr. Mohseni: Great investment opportunities for foreigners

“There is the golden investment potential for foreign investors to enter Iranian financial markets”, said the CEO of the Central Securities Depository of Iran in a meeting with some European top experts.

In a meeting with some of the European technology, academic and economics experts, that were in Iran to attend the “industry 4.0” conference, Dr Mohammadreza Mohseni said “the Iranian capital market, as one of the emerging markets, has great potentials for growth.

Pointing to the role of CSDI in improvement of Iranian capital markets infrastructure, he continued “the Iranian capital markets has experienced acceptable advances in legal, technical and electronic infrastructure and now is implementing international standards”.

 “Considering the dawn of new opportunities after the joint comprehensive plan of action in Iran, this is the best period of time for the participation of foreign investors in different Iranian markets especially the capital markets”.

 “The government of the Islamic republic of Iran has designed plans to boost real parts of the economy and creating investment opportunities for domestic and foreign investors is one of the most important issues in implementing these plans and the capital markets can play an important role in this regard.” Added Dr. Mohseni.

He finally hoped that the Iranian capital market could strengthen its ties in constructive co-operations with other countries.

In this meeting held in the headquarters of CSDI, top experts from different European countries including Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Portugal attended the introductory session with Iran`s Economy, the Iranian financial markets, and the Central Securities Depository of Iran. The industry 4.0 conference was held on 3-4 August in Tehran, international permanent fair ground.

Release Date: 8/2/2016

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