Conference call between CSDI & NSD of Russia

Conference call between Central Securities Depository of Iran and National Settlement Depository of Russia

After the very first negotiation with the delegates of National Settlement Depository (NSD) of Russia conducted at the time of WFC-2015 conference in Cancun, Mexico, and in order to extend two companies’ mutual cooperation, a conference call was arranged between CSDI and NSD on 20 July, 2015.

The participants in this conference call included Mr. Soltaninejad, the former President & CEO, and Mr. Mohammadi, the former Senior Consultant of CSDI CEOand Eddie Astanin, Chairman of the Executive Board, Maria Ivanova, Vice President, Director for Development and Client Relations, Alexander Nazarov, Director, Head of Research and Development, Dmitry Klimov, Head of Marketing Division from NSD.

A vast range of topics were touched on in this conference call specially forming a joint work group which is to extend the mutual cooperation between the two companies.

Release Date: 7/22/2015

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