CSDI showcases its latest achievements, facilities and innovative services during the 5th edition of Kish INVEX this year.

The Iranian Persian Gulf Island of Kish is playing host to two major international events which have opened at the island's International Exhibition Center.

Kish Invex 2018 encompasses the Fifth International Exhibition of Stock Exchange, Bank, Insurance and Privatization and the Tenth Specialized Exhibition on Investment Opportunities in Iran.

Some 31 countries are reportedly taking part in an international event on Iran’s investment opportunities titled ‘Kish Invex 2018’ slated to be held on the island from October 22-25.

As a national and international event, the exhibition will seek to introduce the country’s capacities and investment opportunities.

Some 360 Iranian and foreign companies are displaying their latest achievements in the field of economy, stock exchange, insurance, privatization, investment and finance.

Central Securities Depository of Iran (CSDI), too, is receiving an eye-catching number of visitors in the expo. There, the visitors are briefed by CSDI's staff on the Depository's latest innovative services such as Comprehensive Information Gathering System (CIGS) which benefits new technology-facilitated tools that would pave the way toward a smoother investment path in Iran.

According to the Public Relations of Kish Free Zone, over 100 representatives from Croatia, Finland, Britain, Bulgaria, Russia, South Korea, Oman, Brazil, Germany, Qatar, Afghanistan, Pakistan, South Africa, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Poland, Iraq, the Philippines, Algeria, Malaysia, Bahrain, Sweden, Portugal, Georgia, Ghana, Italy, Canada, Tajikistan and Switzerland are participating in the event.

This is while 29 specialized meetings and international conferences attended by outstanding local and foreign lecturers are being held during the event.

Promoting international interaction in the field of capital market, finding ways for financing projects, boosting domestic production, development of job generation and improving exports through empowerment of private companies are announced to be among the objectives of the Kish Invex 2018.

Experts consider the event as an opportunity for introducing Iran’s economy to the world as well as a gate to enter the capital market.

Release Date: 10/22/2018

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