The Ambassador of Switzerland to Tehran pays a visit to Central Securities Depository of Iran headquarters to discuss the feasible means of making the two countries’ markets closer together.

Ambassador of Switzerland, Mr. Markus Leitner visited Central Securities Depository of Iran (CSDI) headquarters in Tehran where he met with President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Hossein Fahimi.

During the meeting, the CSDI President briefed the Ambassador on the principals and the latest developments regarding the Iranian Capital Market structure. In his remarks, Mr. Fahimi also elaborated on CSDI’s unique role as the major gateway, infrastructure and platform provider for the international investors in provision of long-term financing for strategic sectors of the economy.

Later on, the CSDI Chief underscored privatization as among the most significant nationwide project, specifically illustrating the project dubbed “Justice Share Program,” dealing with mass privatization and supporting the underprivileged. He said over 49 million people under this national project have been granted the shares of Iranian companies in the form of Justice Share.

The Swiss ambassador, for his part, highlighted the high potential existing in Iran especially in the realm of finance which is quite fruitful from the investors’ vantage point. However, as he added, there it is essential to make more efforts in the field of what he termed as “international public relations” to introduce this ample opportunity for investors in the region and elsewhere in the world and get them know how the Depository is increasing the level of accountability in businesses and feels bound to mitigate anticipated forms of risks from occurring.

He also declared he will do his best to facilitate the mutual cooperation between the two countries’ financial sections generally and stock markets in particular.

Mr. Leitner then praised the warm and productive relations his country and Iran share to the moment and expressed hope Tehran and Bern will work to maintain and improve the level of ties.

Release Date: 2/13/2018

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