Grief reigns supreme across Iran over the deaths of crew members of an Iranian oil tanker that sank on Sunday, days after a collision with another vessel in the East China Sea.

Iran is mourning the loss of 32 crew members of tanker Sanchi which fell apart and sank in the sea off the coast of China after burning for eight straight days following a maritime collision.

The causes of the collision are yet to be ascertained.

Three bodies have been found and the ship's Voyage Data Recorder, or black box, has been retrieved.

According to a deputy at Iran's Ports & Maritime Organization, the black box will be examined in the presence of Iranian, Chinese and Panamanian officials in Panama, as the ship was sailing under Panama's flag.

The vessel was ferrying 1 million barrels of condensate, worth around $60 million, from the Persian Gulf to South Korea.

Sanchi has been billed as the "worst oil ship disaster" in decades.

Release Date: 1/28/2018

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