In direct response to the devastating earthquake that struck Kermanshah, west of Iran, CSDI employees donate one or more days’ pay amount to aid and support the victims of this tragic disaster.

The humanitarian response to the November 12 earthquake of a magnitude of 7.3 was prompted by one of the deadliest tremor of 2017 which ravaged the western Iranian province of Kermanshah.

About 423 people are reportedly killed to date, well over 7,000 more are injured and tens of thousands have become homeless and displaced.

Central Securities Depository of Iran worked fast to join the massive donation campaigns to provide funds to help with the earthquake relief efforts in the immediate aftermath of the quake. The donation included the equivalent of at least one day's pay contribution from employees to aid the victims of this tragic disaster. Many more gave larger proportions of their incomes to the relief campaign. This grant is funded by volunteer employees and received a huge welcome from an eager group of staff.

Despite almost a week of hard work and uninterrupted relief operation, the Iranian civilian and military forces are still busy helping victims of the deadly earthquake that struck west of the country near borders with Iraq.

Many foreign countries and neighbors have expressed sympathy with Iran over the disaster.

Release Date: 11/27/2017

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