Swiss Ambassador to Iran in CSDI's Headquarters

Giulio Haas, The Ambassador of Switzerland in CSDI

On 29th June, 2015, CSDI was the host of Mr. Giulio Hass, Swiss Ambassador to Iran at the company’s headquarters with the presence of Mr. Soltaninejad, President and CEO, Mr. Mohammadi, CEO’s Senior Consoler, and Mr. Morsali, International Relations Director.

A very fruitful discussion was led on the feasible means of making two countries’ stock markets much closer. The respectful ambassador pointed at the high potential existing in Iran especially in the realm of finance which is quite fruitful from the investors’ vantage point. He also declared he will do his best to facilitate the mutual cooperation between the two countries’ financial sections generally and stock markets in particular.

Release Date: 6/29/2015

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