Registry Reporting

The registry file is in fact the stockholders’ file on a given date, which includes information on birth certificate and the number of stockholders' stocks. The afore-mentioned file is provided in two forms: D.B.F. and Excel for issuers. The issuers’ written request for the registry file needs to include the account name and its intended date; accordingly, the issuers need to include the symbol name and intended date in their written request for the registry file.

Turnover Reporting

The transaction file is the file related to an account selling and buying in a given period. In fact, this fill includes the data pertaining to the buyer, seller, buying broker, selling broker, number of traded stocks and market value of stocks. Accordingly, the issuers need to include the symbol name and intended date in their written request for the turnover file.

Transfer Reports

Transfers files containing fine information on shares transactions (a part from trading) was conducted in a given period. (From the date of………up to date……) such as an account, the date of transfer, the date of registered letter, the number of registered letter , transmitter\transferee, the number of transferred shares ( the amount of transitional deposits, the amount of non _ delivery deposits ) and as well as , all information on transferring shares ( both legal and coercive transfers ) about one account at a given time interval completely .

BBS files

BBs files include a) transaction file with the suffix T_ b) transaction file with the suffix C_ c)and files related to the stockholders brought in the transaction file with suffix R. Typically, some companies receiving BBs subscription from the TSETMC can get access to previous day’s BBs files of the company with daily connections to its server easily. However, if for any reason, an issuer wants to receive BBS file for a period of time from CSDI at once, he may submit a written request to CSDI containing an the symbol name and intended date ; after that he will receive the relevant BBS files on CD.