CSDI Objectives

The objectives for which the company was established are as following:

  1. Opening and custody of funds/securities accounts related to stock exchange, Over the Counter market, Commodities exchange belonging to brokers, shareholders and other financial institutions, real/legal entities
  2. Registration, encoding, custody, clearing, and settlement of trade transactions on stock exchange, commodities exchange and other financial tools
  3. Depositing different kinds of securities in the company's operating system
  4. Depositing pledged securities for real and legal entities and release of the pledge upon the beneficiaries’ requests
  5. Borrowing, lending and exchange of securities as a mediator (SLB)
  6. Providing and putting into action the latest essential information for shareholders and brokers
  7. Applying suitable electronic systems to clearing and settlements
  8. Implementing corporate actions for joint stock companies including:
    • Registration and custody of shareholders' names and records and giving necessary services to the issuers of securities
    • Preparing and presenting necessary information
    • Holding general meetings for member companies and over the counter market companies (E-GM)
    • Receiving information on general meetings and keeping their investors posted
    • Receiving information on dividend, bonus share, right issues, and delivering the information to the shareholders
    • E-voting
    • Distribution of dividends
  9. Settlement of funds, clearing, and depositing foreign securities
  10. Presenting necessary professional services to stock exchanges, over the counter market, commodity exchange, the issuer of securities, brokers and other market participants
  11. Providing necessary authorized financial activities also services, consulting and commercial activities in relation to stock exchanges, commodities exchanges and over the counter markets
  12. Cooperating with the world and regional exchanges and pertinent institutions
  13. Receiving loan/ lease and leasing out movable and immovable properties, also promoting trades like purchase and selling, renting, mortgage and etc. which are suitable and necessary in line with the company's activities
  14. Establishing and managing settlement guarantee funds (SGF)
  15. Approaching warehouses and managing their activities for better performance of commodities exchange services
  16. Performing other duties which have been or will be assigned to the company by law and regulation
  17. Depository Receipt (DR)
  18. Membership of Banks in clearing house
  19. Dematerialization
  20. Value added services (VAS)

CSDI Mission

We provide thriving and secure financial investment infrastructures for a fair and transparent capital market both nationwide and worldwide.