CEO Message

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CSDI is honestly happy to work and provide appropriate and au courant services in Iran Capital Market as the central securities depository of Iran. Considered one small part of the big community of the capital market of Iran, CSDI has always worked based on two significant codes; one is the fairness and the other is transparency. Achieving these two valuable goals is one of our ultimate goals and by doing so we will move to one of the highest stages of our professional visions or even missions.

On behalf of CSDI, I would like to point out that we, in CSDI, have always worked to improve and enhance the quality of the matters being done in Iran capital market.

One of our major objectives we have been trying to achieve while hinging on our sedulous team’s diligence is internationalization of the Iranian capital market. The standards we utilize in CSDI are totally compliant with the global professional standards and in this way we shed more light on our claim to get internationalized.