Central Securities Depository Of IRAN



To all our visitors, 


In fiscal year 2019, Central Securities Depository of Iran delivered exceptional value to clients through our work in registering, clearing and settlement services. On our 15th foundation anniversary, we continued to respond to changes in the marketplace by embracing new technologies and developing a wide range of innovative solutions to help our clients achieve their goals. We delivered consistently high-quality results through more efficient and effective ways of working with clients.

As progressive thinkers, we are constantly looking forward for our clients and delivering cost-effective, high-value solutions today that will help improve their results tomorrow. We laid out a new strategic plan to set new business priorities and outline plans. We reviewed our mission statement, vision and set our values higher.

Among the many new ideas we developed and implemented this fiscal year, we delivered:

* CSDI inaugurated launch of Iran Energy Exchange Integrated Settlement System in a ceremony at its headquarters in Tehran in February, 2019.

* Central Securities Depository of Iran unveiled Investor's Platform, DARA, on the sidelines of the International Electronic, Computer & E-Commerce Exhibition (ELECOMP 2019) in Tehran in 20 July 2019.

* CSD Iran has announced the pilot launch of a comprehensive electronic system for distributing dividends of securities across the Iranian capital market in October, 2019.

* The CSDI chief acknowledged plans to implement projects in hand to tokenize citizens' assets in December, 2019 so that while in their property, those assets would increase in value.

Much of this work was enabled by our own engineers whose strives accelerated innovation and advanced technology transfer.

On the International level, the CSDI was privileged to maintain seat at the Asia-Pacific CSD Group (ACG)'s Executive Committee and serve for another three-year term. As the vice chair of the Committee, the CSDI also managed to represent ACG at the Board Meeting of the World Forum of CSDs (WFC) conference in 2019 whose presence and initiatives added further value to the esteemed communities.

Thanks to a booming stock market, Central Securities Depository of Iran cleared and settled unprecedented trading volume compared to the previous years.

While there have been technological advancements in capital markets and financial services over recent years, significant parts of the lifecycle across various asset types continue to remain resource constrained, error prone and deeply inefficient.

Blockchain technology in capital markets can eliminate these inefficient processes across the entire lifecycle.

Now, the CSDI has started the movement to embrace blockchain or distributed ledger technology (DLT) to transform capital markets to realize settlement of trades through fully regulated vehicles by which clients can trade and invest.

In the closing, we believe that quality is our foundation, and over the past year we proved our dedication to this belief. Quality is a hallmark of our Company’s brand and we will continue to strive for ever-higher quality in the future.


Hossein Fahimi

CEO & Board Member