CSDI President and CEO, Dr. MohammadReza Mohseni, pays an official visit to Japan Securities Depository Center, Inc. (JASDEC.)

CSDI President and CEO, Dr. MohammadReza Mohseni, visited Japan Securities Depository Center, Inc. (JASDEC) on a 3-day trip aimed at strengthening mutual cooperation and reaffirming the importance of Japan’s leading role in promoting close coordination between all members of the Asia-Pacific CSD Group (ACG) nations.


Heading a high-ranking delegation, the Chief Executive Officer met and conferred with President and CEO of JASDEC, Haruhiko Kato. During the meeting, Dr. Mohseni received a first-hand account of the latest many achievements of JASDEC in the capital market, the highlight of which, as the CSDI CEO asserted, were state of the art electronic services at hand.

The two officials also explored areas of mutual cooperation and shared opinions regarding the practical implementation of the terms and conditions stipulated in a Memorandum of Understanding signed by and between heads of CSDI and JASDEC in December 2016, on the sidelines of  the 20th General Assembly of the Asia-Pacific CSD Group (ACG) here in Tehran.

The visit also saw the two CSDs to press for holding joint meetings and workshops in the near future to provide the opportunity for employees and experts at both CSDI and JASDEC to share their experiences and knowledge.

The visit also took the senior delegation from CSDI to Japan Securities Clearing Corporation (JSCC) and Japan Exchange Group (PX.)

The Japan Securities Depository Center, Inc. (JASDEC) is Japan's designated central securities depository and provides depository and book-entry transfer services for stocks, ETFs, convertible bonds and other securities, as well as book-entry transfer services for dematerialized commercial paper and corporate bonds.

Release Date: 3/8/2017

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