Holding the CSDI-KSD forth joint meeting in Kish Island

The fourth professional joint meeting between CSDI and Korean Securities Depository (KSD) was held at Kish Island

The CEO of Central Securities depository of Iran said: “The fourth professional joint meeting between CSDI and Korean Securities Depository (KSD) was held at Kish Island 27th and 28th of September, aiming at developing a mutual cooperation.”

CSDI’s department of public relations reported: “This joint meeting was held with the purpose of introducing and clarifying a certain model for creating the investment opportunities for South Korean investors through purchasing the Islamic Treasury bills in the Iranian capital market.”

Dr. Mohammad Reza Mohseni Said: “A  seven- stage plan has been designed for the completion of the major project of connecting the Iranian and South Korean markets through the securities depositories. At the current stage both sides are in the period of modeling for the two markets linkage. ”

He pointed out the close relationship of Iran and South Korea in economic activities and projects and he said: “After holding a joint economic convention in winter 2016, the volume of joint projects for the two countries has reached 15 billion dollars and currently, the necessity of expanding the international cooperation between Iranian and South Korean capital markets has become more and more clear.”

The CEO of CSDI mentioned: “At the Joint meeting, two models for connecting the markets, concentrating on debt securities and with considering the acceptable risk levels were inspected.”

Dr. Mohseni also said: “Based on previous experiences, it is been tried to design efficient models that will help us to bring them in practice in the short time. Therefore, we can competently use the win-win benefits of these interactions and connections between Iran and South Korean Capital markets.”

The MOU between CSDI and KSD has been signed in September 2013 and until now three joint workshops have been held to develop the joint interactions and cooperation.

Release Date: 10/23/2016

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