Over 600 Foreign Shareholders Trading In Iran Capital Market

Central Securities Depository of Iran (CSDI) issued 21 new trading codes for foreign investors last month

Central Securities Depository of Iran (CSDI) issued 21 new trading codes for foreign investors last month so that the number of foreign shareholders trading in Iran capital market exceeded 600, according to CSDI Managing-Director Dr. Mohammad-Reza Mohseni.

Of the 21 new foreign shareholders, 13 were from France, Belgium, Portugal, Iraq and Pakistan, three of them from Lebanon, three others from Afghanistan, with the left two being from Germany, Mohseni said.

In addition to the natural foreign investors trading in Iran market, 8 new legal foreign investors also received their trading codes from the CSDI last month so that the number of legal foreign investors active in Iran capital market reached 78, Mohseni added.

He expressed satisfaction with the value of transactions by foreign shareholders, saying, foreign investors bought 2.2 trillion rials of securities last month.

The first trading code for foreign investors was issued for a German company in autumn 1994 and since then some 611 foreign shareholders have received trading codes for activities in Iran capital market.

Investors from 34 different countries are now trading in Iran’s capital market, the CSDI chief had said earlier, putting the overall trade value of foreign investors at 2.022 trillion rials last year.

At present, foreign investors from different countries, including the US, Britain, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, Romania, Poland, Uzbekistan, China, Netherland, India, Turkey, Lebanon, South Africa, Japan, Cyprus, Italy, the UAE, Norway, Greece, Indonesia, Maldives, Hong Kong, Qatar, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, Luxemburg, Kuwait, New Zealand, Malaysia and Afghanistan are present and are trading in Iran’s capital market, Mohseni said.

The names of 34 Iranian investors living abroad can also be seen in the list, he added.

Release Date: 6/12/2016

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